Channeling from Ray-Na: "The Hidden Good and What to Expect in 2018"

"The Hidden Good and What to Expect in 2018"

Cherie: "I am ready to make the connection, Ray-Na. What is it that 2018 is going to bring? As we step into 2018, there are so many unanswered questions. Why are all these political things happening? Things seem to be so bad in the world. How can people say that the light is here?" 

Ray-Na: "Well when you look at it from a universal perspective, things are not as bad as they seem. There is a plan here and quite frankly, it's going very well. Choices have been made because the light is rising and it's rising at a rapid rate now. There's more light in the world, more good coming into the world all the time. 

So let's stop for a minute and let's reconsider things. We had an election in 2016 that is still the shot that is reverberating around the world. The shock that came with it was that the person elected was unconventional, a wild card. No one expected that things would go in this direction.

But when you stand back and you look at it from a universal perspective, from within the blueprint of things unfolding, then we have a whole new perspective on it. So in 2016, we had two candidates. One who basically was going to continue some of the things that have been started in the previous years was planning to continue to make progress, but here's the problem: the problem is that all those things from all hundreds and even thousands of years in humankind that as we progressed, we put away. We put away slavery, we put away racism. We did all those things, but we really didn't.

What happened was it was pushed down. All these feelings were pushed down. So each of us as individuals, each human being as an individual, has a shadow self. And when things get pushed down, what happens is that the shadow within us hides and our biggest hope as a human being is that that shadow never sees the light of day, that people don't see that part of ourselves.

Well basically, the same thing has happened in the collective mass consciousness. So the United States of America is not alone in this, we see things happening all over the world, but in the United States of America, for example, we see that racism was pushed down. It didn't end. Homophobia. All the isms, basically. We look at that and we see the oppression. And yes, political correctness came in and it was really big in the last couple decades, but it didn't mean that those ideas were gone and that's what we're dealing with today.

So if that first candidate that we're talking about who would have done well, she would have come in, she would have continued things, she would have added new things, and society would have progressed. Over the next couple of hundreds of years, these issues would have come up and they would have been laid to rest. But what happened when this progression of the equinox, when we lined up the planetarian influences, when humanity, in 2012, instead of being destroyed, stepped onto the other path?

It greatly accelerated things. Have you felt like time's collapsing in the past few years? Have you felt like, "Wow, where did that year go?" And everything, time seems to be collapsing, literally collapsing in on itself because we're moving from a linear time frame to a nonlinear time frame. We're stepping into quantum physics, which we still, as a people, don't really understand a lot about, but that's coming too. But as a people, we've been witnessing, as a people, you're progressing much more quickly than was anticipated.

So you have Candidate A who would carry the progression of ideas on or the other choice, Candidate B, a wild card, one who could be put into this time frame, and bring all of these things that are festering below the surface, all of these things that have been pushed down for years and generations, can stir the pot, stir it up and bring it all to the surface where it erupts. And yes, that's what we're seeing, but when we stand here and you stand here and look at it in a negative way... I just invite you to take another perspective about this, invite you to look at it from the perspective of the other side of the veil looking in. And while all these things are getting stirred up, and there's a lot of unrest, things are healing. 

As the human race, we've been waiting for this savior to come and bail you out and have all the right ideas and this wonderful time of peace to come. This has been a big belief system, but what you fail to see is that you are your own savior, and that as these ideas come to the surface, and some of them seem so preposterous at this point, as they rise to the surface, as a people, as these spiritual beings having this human experience, you are awakening.

With all of this happening, people can no longer stand on the side, bury their head in the sand, pretend not to see what's happening. We each are making, we each as we participate in this from our side, we're watching it unfold and holding the energy for it and cheering you on. From your side, you can no longer fence-sit. And what does that mean?

That means as we see these things erupting to the surface, this shadow, this mass shadow consciousness coming to the surface, you need to make your decision. Where do you stand on each of these issues? Because as you make that decision and as you step into the light, that shadow is gonna get smaller. It's going to heal. And yes, it seems like people are so far apart right now but that's just the beginning because as people heal the acceptance of diverse point of views are going to come back, the celebration of different ideologies, all of those things will return. But instead of them returning, going back to the old way where, yes I'm going to speak politically correct viewpoints, instead it will come from a viewpoint of the spiritual being having this human experience. It will come from the viewpoint of yes we've dealt with it. This viewpoint rose to the surface and we healed it. And you'll be able to see from that viewpoint that indeed it was done much more quickly because of the wild card.

Humanity's rising. They're saying, humanity's deciding what's right and what's wrong and it's a beautiful thing. This isn't about one side winning, for the spiritual beings have the human experience, this is about each person taking that journey, healing what needs to be healed, and taking that next step in evolution.

So when we look to what's happening today, try to hold up a different lens to it, look at it from the spiritual side, the spiritual side that sees a tremendous healing on the planet. There are still more things to come, things that are going to be disturbing, but you have a choice to make. Are you going to try to push it back down, be a part of the problem, or are you going to be a light-bearer - stand strong like a lighthouse and shine the light so that healing can take place on this planet?

And a healing like this never happened before. It's an opportunity to step forward, to leap forward, an opportunity to leave that 3D existence with all of its ideas behind to heal and to move into the fifth-dimensional frequency.

Nobody ever said this was going to be a comfortable journey, but it's a beautiful journey with so much promise.

Stay strong.

Stand in the light and know that you are loved beyond measure."