Say, "Yes to 2019!" Channeling from Ray-Na January 1st, 2019

Say, "Yes to 2019!"

Channeling from Ray-Na

January 1st, 2019


I am Ray-Na, here to teach about unconditional love and acceptance to all humanity.

As we enter these new times, we feel the fresh start, that hope that we get every year as the year comes to an end and a new one begins. We have that hope. Some even set goals. Some set the same goals every year which may be forgotten by February, but just feeling the end of the calendar year and a new year beginning just brings that hope to us, that hope that things will be different because it’s a new year, a new number. Things will change. Things will be better, especially in what we’ve experienced since 2012 has been a lot of craziness.

A lot of my partner’s friends have asked the question, “When will things go back to normal? When are they going to be ok again?”

Well, my friends, things will never go back to that normal. The energy and you have changed way too much. But what we can do is we can experience and we can bring in the new normal and that new normal - we open ourselves up to the energy and the potential within that will be far greater than anything you’ve ever experienced in the past.

And you may ask, “Well how can that be? Everything seems so bad now. How can there be this new wonderful normal? Everyone keeps talking about the thousand years of peace that Jesus talked about and yet things seem to get worse and worse, and people are more divided than ever. I’m just one person in all this. There’s nothing I can do.”

These are the things that we hear. These are the things that we sometimes say. And the answer to all this is very simple: you can step into your new normal now. Today. And just by making that decision and taking that step we’ll begin to change society because we’re all connected, all one, and as hard as that is to understand, you have to understand that when one person steps onto that path of light it affects almost a million people. So very few lightworkers, the people that are here to shine the light of truth in the world, very few of them actually have to step onto that path for it to begin to change the world.

So instead of feeling helpless about this - celebrate. Celebrate the fact that you can make that change today. You can turn within. You don’t have to go outside anywhere, just have to take that moment to turn within. And we can do that right now.

Just invite you to take a nice deep breath in, and release.

And as you turn in, ask yourself this on all levels - the human body level, all the levels that go with this - the astral level, mental level - send it out into the ethers.

Ask your higher self.

Pull the answers out of the old akashic records where all of your memories are stored, all of your abilities are stored, but ask this question on all levels:

What do I need to do to change the direction that this world is headed in?

And that answer is there, that answer is clear, that answer is: turn within.

Open yourselves up to the truth of who you are.

Remember that you are powerful beyond measure.

You are the light of this world.

You are the savior that we’ve been waiting for.

Each person has a part in taking this society and this world to the next level.


You are that answer.

And you can feel that inside of you and just allow all those doubts to melt away.

You don’t ever need to look beyond that.

Our spiritual communities are places that we can go to get spiritually fed, to enjoy time with other people, but you are the answer to all of this and when enough of you come together you can change anything. It doesn’t matter what that politician in Washington says. It doesn’t matter what that bully around the corner or downtown might be saying or trying to do.

Each one of us carries a power and the light inside that is so powerful. It’s powerful enough to change the world and you don’t have to wait until the rest of humanity decides to step onto the path of light. Some people are going to be down in the drama for a while. Some people even enjoy it. You don’t have to wait though, you can just take that step today.

It’s a new year. You can just say, “This is it! I am going to step on that path. I am stepping on that path.” And do it right now because “I am the light of the world.”

Yes, you are.

You are the light of the world.

So yes, it’s a new beginning, fresh start, whatever you want to call it, but decide today to take that step onto this path. Study the truth principles. Open your hearts. All the answers lie within.

That still, small voice that we have inside each person is never wrong. That’s the guidance.

What is it telling you today?

Do you feel hopeful? I hope so because no matter what it looks like today, no matter how things are in your life, you are the change you’ve been waiting for and you can turn your life today by making that decision and take that step fully onto this path of light.

And while it may take everyone else, or most others, around you a while to catch up with you and come onto it, just by taking that step now you can begin to feel the benefits of that and become a role model for all those that are going through tough times. And as they see you become peaceful in turbulent times, become peaceful no matter what happens, become peaceful and prosperous and joyful, then they will begin to ask you, “What is it that you’re doing? What can I do to make changes in my life?”

It may seem impossible today but it’s not. Have hope, have faith, and know that you are exactly where you’re supposed to be and exactly in the time you’re supposed to be there.

What is it that you desire? What is it that makes your heart sing? You don’t have to wait. You don’t have to wait till things get better. You don’t have to wait until you retire. You don’t have to wait for any of that. You can just tune in to that light, tune in and say, “Yes. Yes, I am taking that step. Yes, I am the light of the world.”

And you know what will happen? It’s a whole lot of guides and masters that are there clapping and cheering you on. You are never alone and you will be supported through that journey.

So what have you got to lose? It’s the beginning of a new year, a new time. Instead of setting that goal weight or the goal to go on a vacation - all those things will come, too - look at what’s really in front of you and say, “Yes! Yes to the light!” and begin that transformation.

My partner said, “Yes!” a while back and many people around her have said, “Yes!” and they are walking that journey and they would like to invite you to walk that journey today. You are not alone in this. You can never be alone.

You just have to set your intent and you can do that right now by saying, “Yes. Yes to 2019 and living the best life that I can. Yes to shining my light so brightly throughout the world that it literally changes. Changes what is happening. Changes it for the better.” Just by saying yes to all you have to do.

And we can walk that journey together this year. You will have lots of support and love along the way. I look forward to it.

I look forward to getting to know each one of you.

I look forward to this journey. To wholeness, and love, and health, and prosperity and all good things.

I look forward to seeing and enjoying and watching you remember and awaken to who you truly are. And this can happen now just by you saying, “Yes!”

And many blessings, many blessings to this new year.

And so it is.


Channeling from Ray-Na February 2, 2018

Channeling from Ray-Na

February 2, 2018

I just invite you to take a nice, deep breath in... and release. And as we connect, we're going to go on a little journey - a journey in imagination.

Now first what we're going to do is we're going to stop, if we can, and just let our imagination just expand. Let our hearts center, grow, so that they grow together. And I just invite you to imagine.

Imagine a world, one that looked very different from this one today. Imagine a world where people actually took care of Gaia, made good decisions so that the air quality was good for all. Made good decisions so that the damage to Gaia and the precious animals, and fish, and all else that's on Gaia was protected and respected.

What would that world look like? Where we use sustainability, where we made good decisions. Imagine that world. What would it look like to you?

It would be beautiful and beyond, probably, what most of us could imagine because that world would respond to the treatment of the environment. That world would also respond to our heart opening. All entities on the planet had open hearts; expanding love. The consciousness on Gaia would shift completely, and it would be beautiful.

Imagine a world where people approached the education system, all of them all around Gaia, differently. Instead of a closed approach that stays within a box, that the new way to look at education would be to think of out that box. Encourage students to think out of the box. Allow for everyone, all inclusion, if someone is interested in learning, that they are allowed. All the restrictions would be dropped. Imagine that.

Imagine the ideas and the inspiration that would come from that. Imagine a world where all beings were respected, especially the animals of the earth, the fish of the sea. Imagine where farming was approached with a completely different outlook and the number one priority after respect of the plants and animals was to make the edible foods of this planet as healthy as can be. Full of light. Full of energy. So that when they traveled into the body temple, the energy would enhance the body temple in ways that we had not seen before.

Imagine a world where quantum physics was encouraged and expanded and health was looked at in a different way, more holistically. A world where the human consciousness became the driving force of good in all of these things.

Things will happen so quickly when society fully moves in that direction. Imagine a time when a person might develop a headache and they walk over to the bottle of pain reliever and they put the pills in their hand and the thought of that healing healed that headache instantaneously. Then imagine it going a step forward where a person would get a headache and a person would think of those pills, those pain relievers, and the headache would go away. But let's take it one step forward and imagine a world in which there were no headaches because people did not believe in them. Imagine that world. And that's the way it would be with all things in health. The mass consciousness would shift and we would see things that we haven't seen before.

We would see the disease disappear. Now imagine that world a little bit further when we're fully crystalline when our bodies have gone from carbon-based to crystalline-based and we become living crystals. There would be no disease because the frequency of disease cannot live in crystal. Imagine that.

Imagine a world when humankind's primary focus is on expansion: expanding spirituality, learning, focusing on being a better steward of Gaia. What would that world look like?

Well I'm here to tell you that we're headed for that world. Believe it or not, as crazy as things seem right now with all the distractions, systems blowing up, all these things happening, it has to. And it's moving very quickly for a reason. The healing is happening and yes, there's more healing to come and yes, there's going to be things coming up that are going to be disturbing but it's not because the planet is doomed it's because this planet, Gaia, has ascended into the fifth dimension and now the people of Gaia are ascending at a very rapid rate. So beneath all of these things that are happening, beneath all the scandal, beneath all the distractions, know and feel in your heart that this is just part of the process. Instead of being outraged (yes, we have to take a stance on certain things if something is not right but it has to be made right) but instead of being upset about it all the time you can smile and know that it's because change is happening, change has come to Gaia. I know you can feel it in your heart.

So that world that I opened it with, that world is in the process of becoming. As we move through this year and more things are exposed, and they will be, just know in your heart that beneath all of this is good. The good is rising. The light is rising and if you have any doubt look to it in systems.

Look to see what's happening. Whose coming now in the education system? New leaders that are coming will change what they know is a broken system. The new leaders coming in government, look at who they are. The youth is rising. The Crystal children are rising. The Rainbow children are here. The Crystals had their time ushered in by the Indigos, the Warriors of the Light, who came and brought truth to this planet so the secrets could no longer be hidden. And then in the 90's, the Crystal children began to arrive with new thoughts about how education would be, and health, and healing, with open hearts and they are shining those lights more brightly now as they continue to rise.

And they're having the Rainbow children, the children that come in with complete and changed DNA, who do not understand conditions: conditional love, conditional acceptance. They're the unifiers. And they were prophesied to come to this planet by the indigenous for thousands of years and they are here. And this planet is also receiving health from Starseeds. They are here.

So know that with all of this that's happening - have faith, step back and know that the good is rising. It is happening. So when you imagine that world of beauty you can smile because it is happening.

Be well and know that you are loved beyond measure and that you are never alone. You have so much help. Open yourself up. Set intent. Ask and you shall receive.


Introduction of Ray-Na

Introduction of Ray-Na

I first met Ray-Na in this lifetime in August of 2014, while I was at a Kryon conference in Portland, Maine. Kryon is an angelic entity, known as the Magnetic Master, and is channeled through Lee Carroll.  I’ve followed Lee’s work and Kryon since 2002, reading all his books and attending several conferences. While I was attending this conference, I dropped into a meditation, and a name came through. The name was Ray-Na, and I figured she must have been a past life remembrance or something to that effect. After that, I didn’t hear anything for almost a year and forgot about the encounter.

You can imagine the shock in the summer of 2015 while I was conducting a group meditation and another voice suddenly came through, the soul group of Ray-Na. That first channeling was the beginning of a wonderful journey. I’m not sure where it’s going to lead, but I am certainly excited to embark on it. I invite you all to join this journey with me.

If anyone ever told me I would be sitting down and writing an introduction like this one day, I would not have believed them. I can’t say that channeling is the last thing I ever expected, because I hadn’t given it enough thought to have an expectation about it. It was always something that ‘other’ people did. I thought it was for people who are more connected to Spirit and have more gifts than I do. So when I was giving a meditation after a Unity Radiant Light church service in August of 2015, I was more than a little surprised when a few minutes into the meditation I found myself sitting in a place of light with someone or something else speaking through me. I was never fearful during the encounter because I felt the love emanating from this entity and embraced what she had to say. As with the rest of the angelic realm, Ray-Na is a soul group that is neither male or female.

In all my research and studies, I have never heard the name Ray-Na before, but had a strong feeling she had something to do with one of my Lemurian lifetimes where I had been a teacher. Until recently, I thought that she was me in that lifetime, but as you will see in the following channeling, I was wrong. After the initial introduction, I filed her name away under the mental file of ‘a really cool, but weird experience.’

When she reappeared this past August, I was actually very uncomfortable with her at first. The people attending the meditation heard and sensed the shift when it happened, and asked me about it afterwards. A week later, while I was giving a meditation during the Sunday Service, I felt the shift again. This time I was actually annoyed because I felt like we needed to set ground rules for when the entity could come through. I had no understanding of how this process works and since then have been coming to terms with what this would mean in my life, especially the fears that began to arise at the prospect of channeling.

My first concern about channeling was of course, what would people think about me? At every crossroad in my life, I’ve had the same question, and it’s sometimes taken me years to resolve the answer. Would people accept me if they found out the truth about my psychic abilities? What would my friends and family say if I became a Unity Spiritual Leader? Had I gone off the deep end when I had a series of dreams in 2012 that have turned into a book series about awakening? And now, will they think I’ve completely lost it now that I’m channeling? The answer to all of these questions is people have responded brilliantly and embraced every aspect of my spirituality as it’s evolved. And I say, God Bless them. Especially my husband, Dan, who has encouraged me every step of the way. From our first date, when I had to tell him about being a Spiritual Leader, to the morning right after we got married when I woke up and told him about the dream I had that would become a book series. And finally, to him witnessing my first channeling. He not only accepts me for who I am, but loves me for it. Above all, he has encouraged me to follow my spiritual path. I realize I’m a very lucky woman. Also, my closest friend Karen, who has witnessed this journey with me from the beginning, didn’t seem phased by this new occurrence at all. She was surprised when she heard me shift to Ray-Na, but encouraged me to embrace it and reminded me that people already think I’m weird anyway.

And what about Ray-Na? I refer to the soul group as her, because she embodies Love, and everything about her messages is for our benefit so  we can awaken to the truth of who we really are. I recently heard her speak for the first time when a dear friend and congregant taped an early channeling. Ray-Na’s pure energy is incredible, and when she leads a meditation/channeling, she often takes people on a journey to places where they have beautiful spiritual experiences.

Lastly, I would have thought channeling would be hard to do and that I would have specific protocols to follow to make it happen. But it comes easily and naturally for Ray-Na and I. I don’t have to follow a set of rules and we’ve become comfortable with the meld.

The following channel is the response I got from Ray-Na when I asked why she is here. The words flowed out of me onto the paper. This is the first of the many channelings I will be posting with messages from her.

I would like to thank Christine, a dear friend and congregant, for her extensive research into the definition of the name Ray-Na. Here is what she found: a tranquil state of the soul salvation through Christ and fearing nothing, the feelings of security, safety, prosperity and great happiness.

For now, the channelings will either be audio or written. I have not discerned yet whether it is okay to post videos of her. I pray they help you with your awakening experience as much as they have with mine.

In Service and Love,


(Week of January 1st, 2016)


Message for January 2016 from Ray-Na

Welcome to 2016. A year unlike any other, the year we will begin to see the light shift on the planet, rising above the darkness.

You ask, how can I make a statement like that with what’s happening around us? Ray-Na, have you noticed the attacks, the killings, the craziness over-taking the planet? Yes I have. And I say to you, have you noticed the underlying consciousness rising on the planet, in the face of what’s happening? Have you noticed the children are far different than any other children who have come before in your recorded history? Or are you too trapped in FEAR to see the good that’s happening?

Beautiful Light Being and Old Soul, because that’s what you are if you are reading a message like this. As an Old Soul, the dark energy recognizes your energy and actually fears you. This energy has encountered you before, in the long ago past when the vibration on the planet dropped even lower than where you are now. The Dark Energy knows there is only one way to win. To create FEAR through its dark deeds, because when this happens, your light can’t shine as brilliantly as it’s meant to shine. And when the light is diminished, only then can the darkness rise. Don’t get me wrong, when this happened before, it was appropriate and right. How else would you have been able to experience duality? That was your wish at the time. No one fell from grace as your myths tell you. You simply had a wish to experience duality.

By now, you are probably asking yourself, who is this Ray-Na? We are an angelic soul group that has come to help you raise your consciousness as a light-being. We’ve done this for eons on other planets when they shifted from the heavy material carbon bodies, similar to the one you now reside in, into crystalline light bodies. Or when made the decision to experience duality just like you did thousands of years ago. For that reason, we’ve come now to help you make the shift into a multidimensional reality instead of the third dimensional reality you currently exist in. Our partner, Cherie, likes to number the dimensions. We don’t number realities this way, because we don’t exist in linear time, or limit ourselves in anyway. But we understand the need to create numbered systems to help you understand the system better in linear time.

The last time we were here happened before your recorded time. It was during a time when the consciousness on the planet was much higher than it is now. You’ll never hear us say anything not based in love. Even if you sometimes feel the sting of the truth, it is given in love. We encourage you not to accept anything that doesn’t feel right to you. Simply put, we are here, created in love, to love each and every one of you. We are not strangers, and know you very well. It’s not an accident we are meeting again now either. You’re here by Divine Appointment, and we knew of the potential of our meeting – as you did too. But so many things had to take place for this to happen.

This is not the first time we have partnered with Cherie, although she was not known as Cherie then. She is recording this message through her filters, to bring our teachings to you. We have never been a human like you, but exist as a soul group created to assist you in raising your energy into a pure, higher state. We last worked together during the Lemurian times when the energy first began to drop on the planet, before Lemuria and Atlantis sank. The planet looked and felt very differently than it does today.  That lifetime was the last time her vibration was in a place where she could meld with ours to create a partnership like this.

She is very aware of what’s happening to her because she carries a cellular memory of this happening before. Since that lifetime, she has sometimes been celebrated as a teacher, like in the Mayan and Egyptian times. And other times she was killed for her gifts, such as the Crusades and witch burnings. Many of you have walked this path with her at least once, which is why you feel like you know her so well. You were destined to find each other in this lifetime.

Early on, Cherie was asked to make a choice to accept the contract of carrying our energy again. Would she once again put the Truth out there and risk the consequences, or would she live quietly and safely as she has done in recent lifetimes? She knew by accepting this contract she would have to overcome tremendous obstacles from a very young age to be able to fully access this energy, which she did. She thinks we don’t know the jokes she makes about being really optimistic and agreeing to take on her life contract? And that she needs to have a talk with her Higher Self before she does anything like this again. We laugh with her, because we know as she does, she would do it all over again if given the choice. Because this lifetime has been her reawakening experience too. Every single success and obstacle was placed there to help her arrive where she is today. A place where she can no longer keep quiet about the Truth about who humans really are. She has been given glimpses along the way of a beautiful system and reality that is coming, even to the detriment of computers and electronics around her. Those who know her personally can laugh now, and we do apologize for any of your electronics that may have burned up in the process. It was all for the greater good.

If you are reading this today, you are part of this process. Welcome to the Ascension! This is in no way an exclusive process, where some will be left out while others enjoy the Ascension. The Creator doesn’t work that way. The system is all-inclusive and based on love. Every person’s decision is honored, whether they decide to pursue Ascension or not at this time. Gaia, our beloved planet, is a place of free will.

We have joined with our partner at this time to assist you in the ascension process. We are here because we heard you saying, “Enough! No more. I don’t want to live like this anymore.”

This potential has been created for you over many years. We’ve been working with Cherie, mostly with her unaware or in denial about what was happening on a conscious level. There were certain things that had to happen, a green light from her to continue. She not only had to accept her psychic abilities, but embrace them, which has happened gradually over the years. This opened the path to communication. She continued what she calls, ‘chasing God’, through a number of faiths, and the Mystery Schools. We feel some of you smile at that statement about ‘chasing God,’ and you are right, she never needed to look anywhere but within. But let’s face it, the exercise of chasing God can only do her good. The care of her Body Temple will be in the forefront for her in 2016. That’s for her and she knows what we mean.

It was no accident that she was at a Kryon conference in Sedona in 2009 when she heard her first communication clearly from us – ‘it’s time to awaken the children.’ She was open and receptive to it during that time. The time has come for an awakening that the planet has never seen before. And on May 20, 2012, she was ready to accept us and take the next step in understanding her mission when she woke up with a full memory of the dream she had during the night. She mistakenly thought we were someone else she found in her research later. It was her way of interpreting what was happening in your linear time. That was the first meeting she remembers with us, but did not realize it was until this channel. She has tried to identify us as female, but we are a perfect balance of both.

The creation of her book series, which is actually a metaphor for what is happening on the planet at this time, has been a joint process between her and us. It’s a fun story, but I encourage you to read it with the intention of receiving the deeper messages and vibration. There are several people we know who are already doing this, and seeing the benefits already.

The story is written as a collaboration between her energy and ours. As she is discovering now, much of it more true than she realizes. Some of it is entirely fiction because of her filters and imagination. That’s okay too, we’ve found her imagination to be highly entertaining. She intuitively knows she is not at the vibrational level where she would be able to translate some of the bigger Truths yet. Just as you would not be able to understand them yet either. Rest assured, they are coming. She is still trying to get a handle on us being in her life, and we know she’s not even sure she’s willing to publish this.

We look forward to witnessing your ascension process. Every one of you is known to us and completely loved. We ask you to take a moment in the energy that has been created for this message and feel our love fully embrace you. Yes, that’s what unconditional love and acceptance feels like.

We know you’re expecting us to say ‘welcome back, we’ve been waiting for your return.’ But the truth is, you never left. You’ve always been here. There’s been a veil between us that is being lifted now. We invite you to take this journey with us.

Welcome to 2016, the year where the first group of Old Souls will complete the ascension. No matter where you are in the Ascension process, you are loved beyond measure and completely honored in your journey.

“….and then mankind remembered the Truth, the Beauty and the Love that was always there. It was just forgotten for a time.”