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Cherie Ruffo

Cherie Ruffo is a freelance writer, Spiritual Leader and entrepreneur.  She is author of the young adult fantasy books: The Amanda Fisher Series.

The Journey

The journey leading her to where she is today began a long time ago.  At just four years old, she woke up one morning with the feeling she was going to die.  She was terrified and hid herself in a small cubby hole attached to her bedroom.  When her mother retrieved her for lunch, she found out a cousin had died in a plane crash that day.  With that information, the feeling of death was gone from Cherie.  This was the beginning of many psychic experiences she did not understand.

A year later, overhearing her great grandmother say to her grandmother, “That child has the sight!” clued Cherie in to the fact she had special abilities.  She later learned these psychic abilities had been passed down through the women in her family for many generations.  Having psychic abilities was not something that was accepted in the mainstream during those years, so she knew from a very young age never to discuss it outside of the family.

She was not the only one of her siblings with psychic abilities, and this attracted spirit activity into her family home while growing up.  Some of the things that happened were frightening and the family priest became involved more than once, blessing the home and encouraging spirits to move on.  As a teenager, Cherie realized the easiest solution was to suppress her abilities, and for the most part, they remained quiet into her twenties.

Moving to Hawaii at 22, Cherie found a whole new world available to her in the complete acceptance of her abilities in the wonderful Hawaiian community.  She was soon to learn that they weren't faults, but gifts to be celebrated.

Unity Church & Spiritual Study

When Cherie was 23, she was invited to attend a Sunday Service at Unity Church of Honolulu, and when she walked in, she felt complete unconditional love and acceptance and knew she was home.  She soon found the Unity ministries to be an open-minded, accepting spiritual community that honors all paths to God.  

Leaving Hawaii several years later to return to the mainland, Cherie found herself settled in New England.  In 2008, she made the decision to embark on a new career with Unity Worldwide Ministries, and co-founded Unity Radiant Light in Providence, Rhode Island.

As the Spiritual Leader of this community, she had no idea it would literally be her dreams she would be following in the years to come.  During this time, Cherie studied different faiths, schools of thought, and finally, the Mystery Schools.  In ancient times, Egyptian Mystery Schools were created for people seeking secret wisdom and knowledge.  The masters who presided over these schools were known to have extraordinary skills that they passed on to the students.

Cherie’s appetite for learning about spirituality was voracious.  She not only continued spiritual training at Unity Institute, but also became an 8th Degree Astarian.  Astara is a modern Mystery School based on the Ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools.  She is currently studying to be a first degree initiate with the Lemurian Fellowship.

Origins of The Amanda Fisher Series

While she was attending an Astara Conference in 2002, she learned about Kryon, an angelic entity who channels loving information relevant for today through Lee Carroll.  Kryon opened a world of information about spirituality and the origins of humans she had never been exposed to.   After years of going to local conferences, she made the journey to the 2009 Kryon Summer Lightworkers Conference in Sedona, Arizona.  While she was there, she kept receiving a clear message in her dreams, “It’s time to awaken the children.”  Not sure what that meant, she waited to receive additional information before she could figure out the next step.  The information would not come for a few years.

While Cherie was studying spirituality, she also wrote book reviews for Reader Views.  She toyed with the idea of writing a book, but never came up with a concept that resonated with her.  That would change in 2012 when she began to write Amanda Fisher & the Source Crystalsa fantasy novel for kids ages ten to sixteen about activating inner abilities to overcome obstacles at all odds.

The inspiration for the book series came to her in May of 2012, when Cherie held her first Jerusalem White Stone Ceremony during a Sunday Service.  It is based on an ancient ceremony performed when people were released from prison or bondage and given a white stone as a symbol of their freedom.  The stones used in the ceremonies today are from Israel and are small and flat, with enough space for a word to be written on it.  During a group meditation, a word is usually revealed to the person, which is then written on the stone.  The words may be an inspiring phrase or one to help release them from something in their lives.

During her first Jerusalem White Stone Ceremony, the word revealed to Cherie was “Imagination.”  She wrote it down on her stone and it was that night she began having a series of dreams.  She knew she had received the answer to her long-awaited question of how she would assist in the awakening of children.  The dreams would lead her to begin writing the book series.

Prior to the ceremony, she had little understanding about the hidden origins of the planet and the higher dimensions of reality.  In her dreams, she was visited by a man who was at least seven feet tall with long blond hair.  He began to teach her about what was possible for this planet when it entered the ascension phase.  During these lessons, she was shown gadgets and tools that do not exist yet in our reality.  She has decided to reveal them in the upcoming series with the hope someone reading the stories will receive the inspiration to create them.

For Cherie, the discovery of the Source Crystals has been her own awakening experience into the unlimited possibilities available to each one of us, whether we are a child, or an adult with a willing inner child.  Contrary to what many believe, we live in a time where the possibilities are limitless once we awaken.  With the knowledge that she has received, her greatest desire is to be of service to humanity, helping people to awaken.

Current Work & Higher Dimensions of Light University

Cherie has a Bachelor’s Degree from Old Dominion University, and is currently pursuing higher education with the goal of a Doctorate in Divinity.  She lives in Norwich, CT with her husband, Daniel, and three dogs.  She is busy working on the next book in the Amanda Fisher Series, her daily notes from the 5th Dimension, and an adult series of online lessons for Dimensions of Light University.  HDL University is a 24 month course created for adults from the lessons she has learned and the information she received that inspired her to write the book series.  Anyone with the desire to awaken to their highest potential can participate in Higher Dimensions of Light University.  If you’re reading this, then you are here by Divine Appointment, and have received your Wake Up call from the Fifth Dimension.