All my love to my wonderful husband, Daniel, for never doubting me.

To Karen Messier, both champion and critic extraordinaire.

And to my muse, Nicole LeBoeuf, who helped bring Pukalani to the surface of the planet.

Many thanks to Evelyn Rainey & Bliss Books for believing in me.


For your assistance in the early drafts of the book:

Kyle Wesolowski

Paige Lovitt

L.D. Lovitt

Linda Menard

Patti Rossi

Diane Wardyga

Jon Tagliaferri

Anne Jacobs

Heather Rose Forand

Lisa Middleton

Elaine Wilkinson McKean

Presley Spetrini


To Daniel "Kaniela" Akaka Jr. for a wonderful tour and Talk Story at the Mauna Lani.

To Kahuna Kaleiliahi for sharing her wisdom and the wisdom of the Ancestors.

To Unity Worldwide Ministries and Unity Institute for bringing the truth teachings to the world.

To Reverend Dr. Paul Hasselbeck, Reverend Eileen Goor and Reverend BJ Stannard for teaching me the Twelve Powers.

To my travel buddies, who 'suffered' through two-and-a-half weeks of fun exploring the Hawaiian culture - Daniel Ruffo, L.D. and Kim Lovitt, Dewayne and Anne Jacobs.

For Kryon, Lee Carroll, Jan Tober, Peggy Phoenix Dubro and the rest of the Kryon team. Without their wonderful teachings, I'm quite sure I wouldn't have been open to this journey.

In memory of Charles and Myrtle Fillmore for the legacy of Unity Worldwide Ministries and the teachings of Unity.

In loving memory of Eileen Ruffo.