The Amanda Fisher Book Series

A Fantasy Book Series for Middle Grade Readers & Up About Activating the 12 Powers Within

The Amanda Fisher books are a Middle School Reader fantasy series written to awaken readers to the tremendous power that lives inside each of us. Each book takes Amanda and the guardians of the Source Crystals into the fifth dimensional reality. There, they learn how to activate the twelve Crystals entrusted to their care to elevate the world to the fifth dimensional vibration despite those battling to return it to the terror of the Dark Ages. The twelve Source Crystals are based on the Twelve Powers of Man: Faith, Strength, Wisdom/Judgement, Love, Power, Imagination, Understanding, Will, Order, Enthusiasm, Elimination and Life.

Each book overlays lessons about living in a higher consciousness and the wisdom of the indigenous people on our planet. Each of the stones are activated with the assistance of the indigenous people and representatives from the worlds main religions, illustrating that we are all One headed to a path of Light.

Book One: Amanda Fisher & The Source Crystals

This book focuses on the Powers of Faith and Strength and the indigenous Hawaiian people. In addition to traveling the fifth dimensional reality, the guardians travel to Hawaii after leaving their home in Norwich, CT.

Released April 2016

Book Two: Amanda Fisher & The Underground Pyramid

The guardians learn about the powers of Wisdom and Power as well as the Hopi and Inuit Native Americans while traveling to Arizona and Alaska.

Release Date: April 2017

Book Three: Amanda Fisher & The Timekeeper

Traveling the globe, the guardians discover Uluru, Australia, and the Maldives. They also travel back to the Dark Ages in Ireland where they learn about the Powers of Imagination and Understanding. On their journey, they meet and are taught by the Aborigine and the Tuath.

Release Date: April 2018

Book Four: Amanda Fisher & The Map of Orion

The guardians are assisted by the Bedouin and Ainu people in learning about the Powers of Will and Order while they travel to Egypt, Japan and Israel in the next book in the series.

Release Date: April 2019

Book Five: Amanda Fisher & The Oracle

Amanda and the guardians activate the Powers of Enthusiasm and Elimination with the help of Romani people, commonly known as the gypsies. Their adventures take them to Italy, France and Spain.

Release Date: April 2020

Book Six: Amanda Fisher & The Fountain of Youth

Visiting South America, France and an out-of-this world location, the guardians learn about the Powers of Life and Love with the help of the indigenous in Peru.

Release Date: April 2021