Cherie Ruffo is a freelance writer, Spiritual Leader and entrepreneur.  She is the co-founder and Spiritual  Leader of Unity Radiant Light in Providence, RI and has studied many different faiths and schools of thought.  She is currently writing the second book of the Amanda Fisher series, fantasy novels for middle grade readers about activating inner abilities to overcome obstacles at all odds.

Amanda Fisher & the Source Crystals, Book 1 is Now Available!

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Amanda Fisher receives messages through her dreams from her late grandmother that lead her, her younger brother Danny and foster brother Sam on an adventure where they discover an ancient family secret.  They are the last in the line of guardians of the Source Crystals, the most powerful stones in the world, that have been hunted by the Hraefn Corporation and horrible creatures for thousands of years.  Despite receiving help from Elders of the fifth dimension, this mission will challenge each of the guardians far beyond the training that they have received, but they know that if they are not successful, the planet will return to the terror of the Dark Ages.

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