Nicole LeBoeuf

    Nicole LeBoeuf does not have a title. She is both Editor and Web Developer, Photographer & Graphic Designer. She’s the Researcher, a Blogger and sometimes even the Dog Sitter.

    Her job experience is just as varied and diverse. In the past, she worked for the Diabetes Foundation of RI as Secretary, Grant Writer and even Camp Director. Falling in love with nonprofits, she moved to the YMCA as an Art Director. Learning the hard way that nonprofits can rarely pay the bills, she turned to the restaurant industry, working in numerous places in almost every position until she reached Manager. This endeavor, although full of long hours, funded Nicole’s way to a Law Enforcement degree after attending the University of Rhode Island, Rhode Island College and the Community College of Rhode Island. Along the way, she got to try on many hats aside from Bar Manager. She opened a photography studio, N V Photography, after shooting professionally for a few years, but found the work unrewarding. The door to being a Police Officer was closed to her after an injury, and she found despite her many years in the restaurant industry to get to her position, it was not the way to happiness.

    It wasn’t until she started working for Cherie Ruffo that Nicole started on her path to happiness, and it started by following Amanda Fisher & the Guardians on their way to ascension. While editing their struggles with Faith and Strength in Book 1, Nicole LeBoeuf went through her awakening too after a dark night of the soul. Within a year, she lost her father in an accident, her uncle and her cat to cancer, lost half of her belongings to black mold and finally was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer. After one minor and two major surgeries, multiple procedures and radiation, she is finally on the way to conquering cancer.

    But know one ever doubted that she would, as her newfound Faith never waivered. Each loss and obstacle was a new lesson to figure out: that it was alright to accept help from others, that she has always been surrounded by a divine family of light and love, how to connect with the people you’ve lost, what your body and your soul needs to be healthy. She looked at each obstacle as a puzzle, with a lesson to learn before she could succeed.

    Now, aside from working for Cherie Ruffo, Nicole is an Editor for Bliss Books and Denouement Literary Agency, a Videographer at Unity Radiant Light and a Bar Manager at Fete Music Hall. Nicole is in the process of writing a book about her experience and the 12 Powers. She lives and loves with her best friend, Kyle Wesolowski and their vocal cat and quirky dog. Nicole is looking forward to her awakening to the powers of Wisdom and Power that will come with the experiences of Book 2, Amanda Fisher & the Underground Pyramid.

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