Bunch Overview

The basic idea of the game is to create bunches of like-colored balls. This is achieved by swapping adjacent balls with each other (not diagonally). The bigger the bunch, the more points that bunch is worth. However, not every ball can be swapped with the one next to it.


A valid swap is achieved when at least one of the two balls that are swapped have a ball of the same color next to it in its new position (diagonal swaps are not allowed). You can lose points for invalid swaps in some game modes. For faster swapping, try dragging balls!


When a collection is made, bunches are removed and points awarded for each bunch. New balls replace the ones that were removed. A minimum of 3 balls need to be next to each other to form a bunch. The "space bar" can also be used to collect!

Bunch Types

The bigger the bunch, the more points it is worth. Two bunches of 4 balls is not worth as much as one bunch of 8 balls. In the example provided, it would be better to spend a few seconds to create the bigger bunch. However, it is not always this easy.

Bonus Bunch 1

There are two types of special or bonus bunches. The first bonus bunch is worth twice as much more than a normal bunch. The bonus is attained when a bunch spans either horizontally or vertically as shown in the example. The bunch need not be in a straight line.

Bonus Bunch 2

The second bonus bunch type is when all the visible balls of a particular color have been bunched together. The bunch is then worth three times more than a normal bunch. Note: A huge bonus is awarded if you are able to bunch every ball on the screen. See if you can do it!