World Awakening Meditation

World Awakening Meditation

I invite you to join me today in this meditation to help raise the vibration of mass consciousness.

And to do this we first have to understand what mass consciousness is and it’s when enough of the collective on our planet comes together in a thought that we feel it profoundly - effecting and impacting all humanity.

As light bears, light workers, or whatever you may call yourself, we understand that when enough people join in mass consciousness, and join in the light, that the entire vibration on the planet will rise and our experiences will be much better.

And that’s so important, especially now, because we’re counting on many different realities. But there’s no fear about that because we know that the light is much stronger than the darkness.

So at this point on our planet about 3% of the population are awake, which means we remember who we are, the divinity in each one of us, magnificence. In order to fully move into the light on the planet we don’t need 51% of the people to be awake, we simply need 10%. That’s how strong the light is.

So as we meditate and we’re holding the space for this mass consciousness to rise up into the light to remember who they are - to be fully awake to their divinity - we just need 7% more.

So I’m inviting you to join me today in a meditation to help raise the mass consciousness of the planet.

And as we’re transforming each experience into a greater vibration of light by either appreciating what we have or asking for the improvement of this planet, we’re having a profound impact on the collective experience of all. And what I mean by this is we’re simply going to be improving our own experiences, but at the same time, we’re improving the experiences of the collective of all of us.

So one way for us to experience this is to go into meditation knowing that there are many others on the planet that are there with us - we may not see them in the physical, but they are meditating and praying.

As in all dimensions of light, we have beings that are praying with us at this point, and knowing that the more we are radiating this energy outward into the world, the better not only our reality becomes, but the reality of all becomes.

If you would like to experience this, and help the collective on the planet, please join me in this meditation:

And I just invite you to begin my breathing in deeply, and releasing.

Breathing in deeply, and releasing.

And as we do that, we feel our energy shifting from our intellectual center in our brain to our heart-mind.

And while we do this, we may feel a warmth in your heart area, you may feel an expansion, and this is all appropriate. You will open your heart center as much as you are prepared to, as much as you are ready for, because it’s from this heart, from love, that the healing comes.

And as you feel that heart expansion, I just invite you to imagine a golden warm light expanding, not just in your heart center, but throughout your body and into the room that you’re sitting in and beyond.

And as you do this, you may feel a presence around you - the presence of your angels and your guides, the presence of other beings of light, the presence of all those who are praying and meditating with you right now on this planet. And we say right now and very present because we know that the dimension that we’re holding this in is not in linear time - so it’s always right now.

So just imagine coming from above a pearl, a golden pearlescent light.

It’s beginning and starting with your crown chakra and moving down into your body.

It’s filling your entire body. Every cell in your body is being filled with this light.

It’s expanding into your aura and into the seven light bodies that we have, through our emotional center, through our astral self, every aspect that we have. That light is just growing and expanding.

You may feel parts of your body tingle from it. And we just allow it to flow through us.

And as we do we understand that that light energy is also coming up from the earth from Gaia and into our feet and the energy is going back into Gaia. We are giving and receiving and as it comes down through our crown chakra, we are sending it back out - giving and receiving.

As above, so below.

And as it expands, we feel it filling the room around us, filling the building that we’re in. If we’re outside, it’s going beyond us into nature. Walls mean nothing with this as this light expands from wherever you are - it fills that area and we can feel it expanding into the world and around the planet.

As we move into the silence, we let that expansion occur and we hold it with intent - that this is the light healing the world.

~ * * * * ~

I just invite you to come back into your space with full awareness, not cutting off those energies because they stay there and they are healing.

We invite you to start your day with this or before you go to sleep. And every time you do, know that you are raising the vibrational frequencies on this planet when this will transform our world into heaven on earth.

Thank you Dear One for this energy that you share so freely.

Together as light workers, we understand that we are the light of the world. And as we do this, we freely share our energy and our love with the planet - all those beautiful souls. And we will see transformation sooner rather than later on Gaia and for this we are so grateful.

So grateful to awaken to the energies, to the abilities, to the magnificence of what was meant when it was said in the scriptures that we are created in the image and likeness of God. As children, or sparks, or expressions of God - however you identify with these writings. We are just beginning to understand what that truly means.

Thank you for your help.

Thank you for assisting Gaia and I look forward to looking with you on many, many more meditations.

And so it is.