Channeling from Ray-Na September 4th, 2018

Channeling from Ray-Na

September 4th, 2018

Hello everyone,

I am Ray-Na, here to represent unconditional love and acceptance.

As this season comes to a close, we’ve been experiencing what seems like more tribulation, more pain, more drama, and stress than we ever - than we’ve seen in hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Right now the world seems upside down.

It’s really hard for you to understand what’s happening, especially if you view it with the same lens that you always have. Because the truth is you cannot look at things the way that you used to. You cannot approach them the way that you used to because everything has changed. And things are going to continue to change because Gaia’s changed. Gaia’s moving into the fifth dimension. And Gaia is going to do that whether we honor her, whether we continue to live a third-dimensional life. Gaia is changing.

So you have a choice: You can stay in the drama, you can stay in the fight, you can stay in disease and that will be honored - to walk the third-dimensional way. But there’s a new road.

It’s the same road that was talked about by the Hopi nation thousands of years ago.

It’s the same road that many of the indigenous have talked about and are talking about today.

The new thought leaders have also talked about this.

Jesus talked about it: the great I Am. Jesus left us a blueprint for it. He said that we would have a time coming: a thousand years of peace. But remember: you still live in free will, and there’s always a choice to make.

And the question is: Are you going to choose to stay in the third-dimensional world in which you understand things and you have to deal with things? There’s more stress, more drama. There’s a lot of color, but there’s also the darkness - the dark energy there.

Or you can make the choice and step into the light, into the fifth-dimensional living where your body will become crystalline and a crystalline body shares many of the same elements of crystals. The vibration is higher than illness, so illness cannot be a part of it. Where compassion rises. Where yes, we may still always have differences of opinions (that will happen so long as Gaia’s here), but we’ll have compassion for each other. We’ll have compassion for people that are struggling because in this fifth-dimensional living our heart is going to expand so much bigger than it is now.

And while we are living through a time right now of division that too will end in fifth-dimensional living because you cannot enter fifth-dimensional living as we just continue as Me, separate from everyone else. Each nation separate from each other. Each state, each town. These things will work in third-dimensional living but they don’t work in fifth-dimensional reality.

We have to go from the mindset of Me to We. And what that means is that mindset of We is compassion for each other, is caring for each other, is the understanding that we are all connected. And I’m not just talking about people, I’m talking about all animals. Compassion will rise for them, too and caring. And Gaia - taking care of this beautiful planet that supports us so well.

And you have to understand that Gaia has been here for billions of years, upwards of 5 billion years. And that if we continue to abuse Gaia, Gaia will cleanse itself. It’s been seen throughout history many, many times. But by the simple step into the fifth-dimensional reality, of going from Me to We we can join Gaia in preserving this beautiful home that we live on. Our home away from home. We could help others. We could make this a better place to live.

There’s a lot of pain going on in the world today. We don’t have to wait for it all to end, we can make the decision now to move into this new reality. We could open our hearts and surrender and have faith, even the size of a mustard seed, to move us to this new reality.

What I’m asking today is for you just to consider what would your life be like if you surrendered to this new reality? If you took a step into this new dimensional living, what would it begin to look like? And we have so many parameters in the third dimension right now that it’s hard to imagine what a world would look like without all the constraints that are faced today. But the energy has shifted, the portals are opened.

All you have to do is to have faith and to surrender to it. Say, “Yes! I want more peace in my life. I’m saying, ‘Yes!’ to love. I believe in love.” And open your heart and ask for assistance. The universe, all the angels, all the guardians are waiting for you to ask because you have free will. You have to take that step.

So if you just want to take a moment now and say, “Yes!” and feel that expansion in your chest - that heart opening, and have faith that this beautifully designed system is meant to help you. And as we step through this portal, open the energy.

Your life will change in ways that maybe you never could have imagined. This is an exciting time to be here on Gaia and you chose to be here. You’re here by divine appointment. You didn’t want to miss this. But it’s time to awaken to who you really are.

Allow that heart expansion and instead of focusing on the negative, how about taking that energy and putting it in the positive? To put it in - open your hearts to all the possibilities available to you. There are so many possibilities - it’s endless.

You have the power to initiate this and to create the life of your dreams. So what are you waiting for?

Say, “Yes.”

Say, “Yes!” to awakening to the truth of who you really are.

Say, “Yes!” to creating the life of your dreams.

Say, “Yes!” to all the help, all the assistance that is waiting for you.

Allow it happen.

Say, “Yes!” to removing resistance to it and then hold onto your hat because it’s going to be a wonderful ride.

You are loved beyond measure. You are meant to do this. Your time has come. So say, “Yes!” to the reawakening of your heart and to remembering who you truly are. And let love reign in your life.

And so it is.