Channeling from Ray-Na February 2, 2018

Channeling from Ray-Na

February 2, 2018

I just invite you to take a nice, deep breath in... and release. And as we connect, we're going to go on a little journey - a journey in imagination.

Now first what we're going to do is we're going to stop, if we can, and just let our imagination just expand. Let our hearts center, grow, so that they grow together. And I just invite you to imagine.

Imagine a world, one that looked very different from this one today. Imagine a world where people actually took care of Gaia, made good decisions so that the air quality was good for all. Made good decisions so that the damage to Gaia and the precious animals, and fish, and all else that's on Gaia was protected and respected.

What would that world look like? Where we use sustainability, where we made good decisions. Imagine that world. What would it look like to you?

It would be beautiful and beyond, probably, what most of us could imagine because that world would respond to the treatment of the environment. That world would also respond to our heart opening. All entities on the planet had open hearts; expanding love. The consciousness on Gaia would shift completely, and it would be beautiful.

Imagine a world where people approached the education system, all of them all around Gaia, differently. Instead of a closed approach that stays within a box, that the new way to look at education would be to think of out that box. Encourage students to think out of the box. Allow for everyone, all inclusion, if someone is interested in learning, that they are allowed. All the restrictions would be dropped. Imagine that.

Imagine the ideas and the inspiration that would come from that. Imagine a world where all beings were respected, especially the animals of the earth, the fish of the sea. Imagine where farming was approached with a completely different outlook and the number one priority after respect of the plants and animals was to make the edible foods of this planet as healthy as can be. Full of light. Full of energy. So that when they traveled into the body temple, the energy would enhance the body temple in ways that we had not seen before.

Imagine a world where quantum physics was encouraged and expanded and health was looked at in a different way, more holistically. A world where the human consciousness became the driving force of good in all of these things.

Things will happen so quickly when society fully moves in that direction. Imagine a time when a person might develop a headache and they walk over to the bottle of pain reliever and they put the pills in their hand and the thought of that healing healed that headache instantaneously. Then imagine it going a step forward where a person would get a headache and a person would think of those pills, those pain relievers, and the headache would go away. But let's take it one step forward and imagine a world in which there were no headaches because people did not believe in them. Imagine that world. And that's the way it would be with all things in health. The mass consciousness would shift and we would see things that we haven't seen before.

We would see the disease disappear. Now imagine that world a little bit further when we're fully crystalline when our bodies have gone from carbon-based to crystalline-based and we become living crystals. There would be no disease because the frequency of disease cannot live in crystal. Imagine that.

Imagine a world when humankind's primary focus is on expansion: expanding spirituality, learning, focusing on being a better steward of Gaia. What would that world look like?

Well I'm here to tell you that we're headed for that world. Believe it or not, as crazy as things seem right now with all the distractions, systems blowing up, all these things happening, it has to. And it's moving very quickly for a reason. The healing is happening and yes, there's more healing to come and yes, there's going to be things coming up that are going to be disturbing but it's not because the planet is doomed it's because this planet, Gaia, has ascended into the fifth dimension and now the people of Gaia are ascending at a very rapid rate. So beneath all of these things that are happening, beneath all the scandal, beneath all the distractions, know and feel in your heart that this is just part of the process. Instead of being outraged (yes, we have to take a stance on certain things if something is not right but it has to be made right) but instead of being upset about it all the time you can smile and know that it's because change is happening, change has come to Gaia. I know you can feel it in your heart.

So that world that I opened it with, that world is in the process of becoming. As we move through this year and more things are exposed, and they will be, just know in your heart that beneath all of this is good. The good is rising. The light is rising and if you have any doubt look to it in systems.

Look to see what's happening. Whose coming now in the education system? New leaders that are coming will change what they know is a broken system. The new leaders coming in government, look at who they are. The youth is rising. The Crystal children are rising. The Rainbow children are here. The Crystals had their time ushered in by the Indigos, the Warriors of the Light, who came and brought truth to this planet so the secrets could no longer be hidden. And then in the 90's, the Crystal children began to arrive with new thoughts about how education would be, and health, and healing, with open hearts and they are shining those lights more brightly now as they continue to rise.

And they're having the Rainbow children, the children that come in with complete and changed DNA, who do not understand conditions: conditional love, conditional acceptance. They're the unifiers. And they were prophesied to come to this planet by the indigenous for thousands of years and they are here. And this planet is also receiving health from Starseeds. They are here.

So know that with all of this that's happening - have faith, step back and know that the good is rising. It is happening. So when you imagine that world of beauty you can smile because it is happening.

Be well and know that you are loved beyond measure and that you are never alone. You have so much help. Open yourself up. Set intent. Ask and you shall receive.