Unblock Your Success and Begin to Live the Life of Your Dreams

Unblock Your Success and Begin to Live the Life of Your Dreams

How the Law of Attraction Works

    The Law of Attraction is a Universal Law stating “when we hold a particular thought in mind, we begin to attract the thing we are thinking about into our life, or more simply our thoughts create our reality.” I tend to think of it another way, that we attract ourselves to the thing we are focusing on. It makes more sense to me because of the law of free will. People have free will to choose their own path and destiny, so how could we attract them to us without violating the law of free will?

    Prior to the twenty-first century, only a very small part of the population knew about the Law of Attraction and even fewer mastered it. When I first saw the movie, The Secret, I was excited by the idea I could create the life of my dreams! I began cutting pictures out of magazines that represented my hopes and dreams and pasted them to vision boards. Every day I focused on these boards and I found that many of the things I was focusing on did manifest, but there were still others that did not. I knew there had to be another unseen force at work: the subconscious.

    If thoughts, focus and feelings manifest my reality, then where does the subconscious fit in? I began to research the subconscious field, and found information from a best-selling author, speaker and developmental biologist. He has risen to the forefront of New Thought with his teachings that genes and DNA can be manipulated by our beliefs. Dr. Bruce Lipton writes in his book, The Biology of Belief,  

“The major problem is that people are aware of their conscious beliefs and behaviors, but not of subconscious beliefs and behaviors. Most people don’t even acknowledge that their subconscious mind is at play, when the fact is that the subconscious mind is a million times more powerful than the conscious mind and that we operate 95 to 99 percent of our lives from subconscious programs.”

    I was floored that such an enormous percentage of our thoughts are not in our awareness.  If this was true, then it would make sense that the subconscious could block our path to the law of attraction. Something else would be needed to override the subconscious beliefs.  

    I spent several years living in the Hawaiian Islands during my twenties, and while I was there I studied Hawaiian Huna. Huna was originally called Ho’omana and is an ancient art and science of healing and spiritual development. The Hawaiian Huna belief system has seven life principles. The third principle is Makia, meaning energy flows where attention goes. Basically, it’s the law of attraction.  

    As much as I worked on flowing energy to where I wanted it to go, there were some blocks I could not remove.


How to Unlock Unconscious Beliefs

    The Hawaiians also have another system, called Ho’oponopono. Many people mistakenly believe this a system of forgiveness.  There is no word for forgiveness in the Hawaiian language. Ho’oponopono means “to make right.”

    When we let go through the Ho’oponopono process, we are letting go of error thoughts and replacing them with correct thinking. These thoughts hold toxic energies within us that hold us back from our good, and can cause us to remain in frustration, scarcity and alone. These imbalances can lead to disease in our body temple if they are not dealt with.


Unblock the Field of Pure Potential

    The Ho’oponopono process can be accomplished in four simple phrases during meditation and prayer. These are:

    I’m sorry...Please forgive me...Thank you...I love you.

    Repeating these phrases with feeling while praying and meditating will effectively remove the block to the subconscious. When I first started working with this process, I consciously brought things to mind to work on when I started to meditate. Now, I find myself relaxing and let things drift through my mind throughout the meditation. I’m constantly surprised at some of the things that appear from my distant past that I thought were healed and finished. What I’m finding is that things that have not been resolved, are resolving themselves, or I am changing my perception of them.

    Blocked energy can take up a tremendous amount of energy, and once it’s released, the energy is removed, leaving the field of pure potential. This field is enormously powerful and can make manifestation easy and effortless. Ask yourself this question: What is it that you want to place into your field of pure potential to accomplish in 2017? Set your intention. You can do it right now!

    It’s as simple as: I’m sorry...Please forgive me... Thank you... I love you.

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