Notes for Steps to Ascension One: Your Secret Garden

Notes for Steps to Ascension One:

Your Secret Garden

Keep energy high. When we are continually bombarded with negativity, we absorb it - especially what we see on social media. Our cells will absorb this and slow them down. It's counterproductive in Ascension.

  1. Stop Absorbing the Negative Energy of those around you. You can use a Prayer for Protection that you resonate with or call in the Archangels for assistance. Use the Light Language Shapes to assist you.
    • Test: Walk 20 feet away from the person who is acting negatively. If you feel relief, you know you are taking on their energy. If not, it is your own negative energy you need to release. I shield myself now when I know I'm going to be in an atmosphere that's negative.

    • Light Language Emanation: Gold Cube has Source Energy

    • Archangels: You can also call in the Archangels Raphael, Michael, Uriel, and Gabriel, and ask them to please tube you if it's appropriate for as long as it is appropriate. They tube you with light to protect you.

    • At the end of the day, call in Archangel Michael to cut any cords that may be attached. We can cord to people or they can cord to us. Imagine that you take both hands and run them over your head and the whole front of your body, cutting any cords and negative energy attached.

  2. Prayer for Protection: Say the prayer you are most comfortable with. The prayer that I use and am most comfortable with is Astara's Prayer for Protection: I am surrounded by the pure white light of Christ consciousness. Nothing but good can come to me. Nothing but good can come from me. I give thanks.

  3. You are Not Wounded: We can no longer see ourselves as wounded, past or present lives. (In Week 3, we will work on opening a fractal time portal for healing what needs to be healed.)

  4. Prepare for Change: Healing modalities will change in the higher dimensions of light. Don't be concerned if what you have been doing as a healer begins to shift.

  5. All Paths Lead to God: There will be many opportunities to find out what works for you.

  6. Live It: This is your own path - it can only be experienced and cannot be learned in a book.

  7. Pineal ToningA tuning fork will help open your psychic center. (Week 1, one will be used during meditation)

  8. Goal: You have to become like a small child - joyful and full of faith.

Raising Cellular Frequency and Light Quotient within Yourself

  1. Organic Food: Ask questions. Many farm stands follow organic guidelines, but it is too expensive for them to get the certification. If you cannot afford or get organic foods, then you can transmute your food by blessing it. Remember, we have the strength to bring in the nutrients we want and keep out the ones we don't want. You can beam light into food. Don't become overwhelmed by this process. Keep it simple and easy.
  2. Water: Good water is important. I bought a Zero Water Filter that takes everything out of the water. The was cost was only $29 and I replace the filter every few months for $15.
  3. Silica Quartz SupplementQuartz in a powdered form is available, so essentially we are taking in the substance that we are turning into. It helps us to balance hormone levels, repair cell damage and improves your skin. Look into it: I looked at several brands and found this to be the best quality and value: Silalive Silapure Silica. It costs $36 for one container that lasts a couple of months. I paid $120 for 6 of these, and they will last two of us over a year. (I do not work for the company or receive any compensation from the company.) (I have samples for everyone who would like one at the Sunday Service.)
  4. Create Win-Win Situations in our dealings with others so we can move from Competition to Cooperation.
  5. Prayer.
  6. Advanced Spiritual Development.
  7. Mindfulness: Watch your words and try not to spend time engaging in negative conversations. This absorbs into our cells. These conversations are damaging and will drag your vibration to low levels very quickly. Transcendence of emotional poison from one person to another.
  8. Sounds: Surround yourself with positive sounds. Our bodies absorb sound easily. Mozart frequency is mathematically perfect and holds a lot of light language.
  9. Nature: Embrace and spend time in nature - real water and air. Nature provides harmonic frequencies that elevate our cellular frequencies.
  10. Family: Spend time with positive, spiritual family. Jesus said, "Where more than two are gathered, there I Am."
  11. Heal Emotional Wounds that still affect us. We have to release trapped emotions and energy we might have been carrying for a long time. Anxiety, fear and depression are symptoms of this. It's often not the injury from the past or current life, it's the emotion we carry with us.
  12. Use Crystals: Lay crystals on chakras. Through crown work on higher chakras, you can expand your connection to Source.
  13. BioplasmaRick Stein recommends Bioplasma for balancing cell function through minerals. It is an inexpensive product, $11.99 from Amazon for 1,000 pills. It is a combination of 12 mineral cell salts vital to cellular health and function that brings balance back to overall cell function. It provides the proper daily supply of each cell salt for adults and children 2 years and older. 1000 tables equals 250 doses. It can be used in conjunction with other medications and is made of all natural ingredients. It doesn't contain aspirin, acetaminophen or ibuprofen. (I do not work for the company or receive any compensation from the company.)


By Cherie Ruffo