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What is a Mystery School?

an ancient school with closely held wisdom and teachings that have been preserved for the benefit of humanity. These teachings are passed down through the oral tradition from teacher to student in an unbroken lineage of physical initiation.
— Stillpoint Studies

Five years ago, a group embarked on Astara Mystery Schools “Astara’s Book of Life Degree Lesson Teachings.” The Degree Lessons, Astara’s Book of Life, are hailed by many lifelong students of the arcane and mystical - an outstanding achievement in spiritual instruction.

When I began the first of 8 degrees in 2002, I had no idea the impact these life changing lessons would have. The Degree Lessons are available to all interested in Astara. They have been channeled through Robert and Earlyne Chaney for many years from Masters of the divine hierarchy, teaching ancient Wisdom from the times of the Mystery Schools of antiquity. They light the way for the seeker of spiritual evolution. They reveal the arcane soul pageant from before birth, through life, death, and the afterlife. Astara has developed an online course to further enhance your learning from studying the lessons. This is available to you as a Member of Astara.

Cost: Purchase of Lesson books. They are available at or

“I kept hearing about the “Mystery Schools,” not quiet sure if that was something I dared to explore. But I felt safe here so I decided to check out the first degree class. Right away I fell in love with the wisdom and Truth being learned and shared there. We are a diverse bunch to be sure, but a bond beyond explanation formed among us which makes every class something exciting, a place to share discoveries, awakenings, fears, and triumphs. My concept of the Universe and Love that is All things, known and unknown, has expanded to a vast extraordinary connection to and reverence for Source. Fear has been replaced with excitement and connection.”
— Lori

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