All faiths are welcome at Unity Radiant Light.


Unity Radiant Light:

A place of unconditional love and acceptance.

     Radiant Light is not your traditional Unity. We aren't a church, we're a diverse spiritual center that accepts all faiths and universal truths. In fact, we honor all paths to God and higher spiritual learning - there are no boundaries. You won't be judged here and there are no politics. Through simple principles and simple living, we strive to create a positive path for spiritual discovery and awakening. Here at Unity Radiant Light, we offer a variety of classes for higher learning, healing services, meditations, inspiring music, and many ways to give back to your community. We are a loving family, a support group to help you find your way to health, prosperity, and Spirit where you can be your true self.

     If you are in need of love, we have an unlimited supply. If you have love to share, we have the tools to spread it around. Join us if you are ready to transform your life or want to help us transform the world. Together we are boundless.

     Unity Radiant Light is a sacred place where you will find inspiring messages, uplifting music, and a loving sense of community. Founded in November 2009 by Cherie Ruffo, Spiritual Leader, and Reverend Grace Carcich, Unity Chaplain and Interfaith Ministry Pastor.

     We welcome all at Unity Radiant Light with the hope that it will become your new spiritual home.

  • What is Unity?

    • Spiritual: We welcome all paths to God.

    • Progressive: We offer tools for everyday living and study well-known, modern day spiritual teachers and concepts.

    • Positive: We strive to see the higher good in all things and help people find their path to prosperous living.

    • Open-Minded: While our teachings are rooted in Christianity, we also explore the truth held in common with all world-faith traditions.

    • Diverse: We embrace diversity and welcome people of all ages, races, religions, sexual orientations, and social backgrounds.

  • Who, Why, and How We Serve

    • Who We Serve: Unity Radiant Light was founded on the belief that there are many people in the Rhode Island area who seek the truth and haven’t been able to find answers in their traditional houses of worship. We blend a unique perspective of bible teachings, metaphysical interpretations, soul stirring music, and weekly lessons that will be found relevant to your spiritual life as well as useful for everyday living.

    • How We Serve: We do this by offering positive messages through prayer, meditation, fellowship, and classes. We also offer a private prayer through use of personal prayer time with a Unity Chaplain. This can be requested after service if you a specific need. This is a confidential and comforting way to join in prayer with someone who understands your special needs and see things right.

    • Why We Serve: We serve because there is a need. As we enter a new era, more people than ever have questions about our true purpose about why we are here. Our purpose is to express our divine potential and the more we fully awaken to our divine nature, the more fully God will express in and through our lives.

Who We Are:

     Unity Radiant Light is part of Unity Worldwide Ministries headquartered in Lee’s Summit, Missouri and part of over 900 Unity churches, spiritual centers, and study groups worldwide. Our message is based on the positive and practical Christian teachings exemplified by the life and message of Jesus Christ. Unity is a New Thought group founded by Charles and Myrtle Fillmore over 100 years ago and we believe we all have the capability to express the full Christ potential. We believe there are many paths, one God. And we welcome all faiths, nationalities, races, and the LGBT community. All are welcome.

Five Basic Principles of Unity

  1. There is only one Presence and one Power active as the universe and as my life, God the Good.

  2. Our essence is of God; therefore, we are inherently good. This God essence which lives within each person is called the Christ and was fully expressed in Jesus.

  3. We are co-creators with God, creating reality through thoughts held in mind.

  4. Through prayer and meditation, we align our heart-mind with God. Denials and affirmations are tools we use.

  5. Through thoughts, words and actions, we live the Truth we know.

“I reserve the right to change my mind.” -Charles Fillmore

Cherie Ruffo, Spiritual Leader

Cherie Ruffo is the co-founder and Spiritual Leader of Unity Radiant Light. Her journey with Unity began when she was 23 at the Unity Church of Honolulu. When she walked in, she felt complete unconditional love and acceptance and knew she was home. She soon found the Unity Ministries to be an open-minded, accepting spiritual community that honors all paths to God.

Leaving Hawaii several years later to return to the mainland, Cherie found herself settled in New England. In 2008, she made the decision to embark on a new career with Unity Worldwide Ministries and co-founded Unity Radiant Light in Providence, Rhode Island.

As the Spiritual Leader of this community, she had no idea it would literally be her dreams she would be following in the years to come. During this time, Cherie studied different faiths, schools of thought, and finally, the Mystery Schools. In ancient times, Egyptian Mystery Schools were created for people seeking secret wisdom and knowledge. The masters who presided over these schools were known to have extraordinary skills that they passed on to the students.

Cherie’s appetite for learning about spirituality is voracious. She has not only continued spiritual training at Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute, but has studied Astara Mystery School, Kriya Yoga and many other schools of thought.

In 2012, Chere embarked on writing the Amanda Fisher & the Source Crystalsa fantasy novel for kids ages ten to sixteen about Unity’s Twelve Powers of Man and activating inner abilities to overcome obstacles at all odds.

Cherie has a Bachelor’s Degree from Old Dominion University, and is currently pursuing higher education with the goal of a Doctorate in Divinity. She lives in Norwich, CT with her husband, Daniel, and three dogs.

Joe Antao, Spiritual Teacher

     Unity’s teachings shed light on the nature of my truest self and Truth.  In honoring myself it became my calling to share its’ message with others.  Our opportunity as educators is to shed light onto the world. Grounded in our Truth; our lives speak a clear heartfelt, “yes!”  We just need to be authentically our true selves with an open heart and mind in alignment with our Source.

     Joe Antao has a Spiritual Development Program Certificate and a Leadership Development Program Certificate from Unity.  He is currently working on becoming a LUT; Licensed Unity Teacher which is realized later this year. He has been practicing New Thought and Unity for over 21 years.

     He teaches, speaks, prays, and serves others.  He is passionate about making a difference in other people’s lives and inspiring them to apply the Unity teachings in their lives.  Joe facilitates and empowers others on their process of Spiritual growth and development to achieve their Divine potential.

Can you sense it? Can you sense the movement of Spirit as It enlists more and more people the world over into a unity of caring souls - into a unity of prayer and spiritual purpose? Are you aware of how frequently the word unity is being voiced these days on the world scene? It is our nature to seek the community and the comfort and the strength of one another. Spirit, living Its life as each of us, is pushing toward the global realization and acceptance that there is only One. Do you see how perfect the name Unity really is? In the words of James Dillet Freeman, "Unity binds us not with vows and creeds but in a silent soul communion in a community of hearts. Perhaps it is in its name that the true meaning and purpose of Unity in the world is best revealed: Unity." The age when Unity is to fulfill its name is here!"

-The Quest for Prayer: Coming Home to Spirit

by Mary-Alice Jafolla & Richard Jafolla

Unity Radiant  Light
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